of 40 years...

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul and Gratitude is the heart’s memory”

It is with bitter sweet memories that I announce the closing of my Toronto practice at Yonge and St. Clair of 40 years.


There is a saying, “to every beginning there is an end, and to every end, there is a beginning”. I have treasured the relationships and LOVE you all for sharing them with me.

I will hold them in my heart forever. I will continue to practice in Erin, Ontario, my home town (just 1 hour away!) 


I am available to see each and every one of you there should you wish to come up to the country.


Please call me at 519 – 833 – 0031 or reach out to 


God Bless you and your loved ones. I will miss you ALL.



Dr. Katrina


Dear Patients,


During these COVID times, please be assured that the KULHAY WELLNESS CENTRE is SAFE, SANITIZED & SECURE.


We  are following the strict Health Canada guidelines to ensure proper protocols are met, and to ensure our safety and the safety of our patients is followed properly 100%.


When you arrive at our clinic, our front door will be locked. Please KNOCK LOUDLY and we will come and let you in.


You must be wearing a mask fully covering your face to enter and at all times.


Upon entry, you will be asked to remove your shoes, then we will take your temperature and record it. This precaution is followed should Health Canada need to contact & trace the virus spread.


You then will be asked to thoroughly wash your hands with hot water and soap for 20 seconds. This is the industry gold standard to be followed. Using a hand sanitizer is not sufficient by our standards to be fully disinfected. We allow hand disinfectants to be used in addition to the hand washing at our clinic.


Our staff will then disinfect our bathroom after each patient use, and direct you to a clean and disinfected chair in our reception area, where you will be seated safely socially distanced  from others.


Before seeing the doctors or therapists for your treatment, the treatment tables will be disinfected in front of the patient and new sanitized linens used should that be required.


Upon payment at our front desk, the debit machines are sanitized before each patient use. and upon exiting from the clinic, our office manager will disinfect all surfaces that are touched.


We value our continued relationship with our patients and staff, and want to ensure everyone understands how committed the KULHAY WELLNESS CENTRE is to your safety and well-being.


We hope to see you soon, and God Bless.


Dr. Katrina Kulhay

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