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About Us

The Kulhay Wellness Promise

We’ll honour your health goals.


We’re here to help, whether you want relief or wellness.

We’ll respect your time and

make your visits fast, efficient, and effective.


We’ll protect your privacy by

keeping your personal information confidential.


We’ll answer your questions and

explain our examination findings.


We’ll offer choices and

refer to other specialists as needed.


We’ll encourage participation and

show you ways to get well faster.


We’ll offer clinical excellence with

the latest safe and natural wellness choices.


We’ll offer hope because with

a revived nervous system, anything is possible.


- Dr. Katrina Kulhay and the Kulhay Wellness Team

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Award-winning family-run wellness clinic in the charming village of
Erin, Ontario.

The Kulhay Wellness Centre, founded by Dr. Katrina Kulhay, has a rich history marked by significant achievements and expansions in the field of wellness and alternative medicine.

The first Kulhay Wellness Centre was established in 1983 in Toronto and quickly grew into Canada’s largest Alternative & Medical Integrative Facility.


This centre was known not only for its wellness services but also as an educational centre, embodying Dr. Kulhay's holistic philosophy which emphasizes good health through physical action, mental, and spiritual awareness. The clinic aimed to improve the quality of life, increase active lifespan and productivity, and control or eliminate degenerative diseases. Its prevention-focused educational programs were based on complementary healthcare, current advances in preventative medicine, and alternative healthcare treatments.

In 2002, a second location of the Kulhay Wellness Centre was opened in the Town of Erin, Ontario, near Dr. Kulhay's hometown. This location is set near the scenic Caledon Hills and is where Dr. Kulhay exclusively practices.

Today, the clinic serves over 1200 patients a year through a wide range of services like chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, holistic nutrition, allergy testing, and much more.

The Kulhay Wellness Centre stands as a testament to Dr. Kulhay's vision of optimal health care, combining both medical and alternative therapies for excellent patient care and embodying a total wellness philosophy that treats the body, mind, and spirit​


The Kulhay Wellness Clinic will continue to be a leader in the provision of excellent compassionate health care.


The Kulhay Wellness Clinic together with our health community will provide excellent patient-centered health care guided by our values.



Team Work





Our logo was launched as a tribute to our 20-year anniversary in the Town of Erin!

Through its thoughtful design, the logo represents the Centre's mission to provide exceptional patient-centered health care.

The strong "K" as the logo's main feature, and the family name "Kulhay" sitting proudly in the middle, pay homage to the clinic's founder Dr. Katrina Kulhay, and her wonderful family who also work at the clinic.

Roots sprout out from the "K" and the name "Kulhay", representing the spreading of health and wellness into our community. It's our patients who entrust us with their care and give us purpose.

The roots also represent the wellness practitioners who work at KWC. It's our fabulous wellness team who cares for our patients and makes KWC a true home of healing.

As a whole, this logo represents a rooted community of patients & practitioners, that have become part of the Kulhay family.

Thank you to our family of 20 years, and we can't wait to grow the family even more!

SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE: In an effort to support Ukraine, KWC commissioned a graphic design artist located in Ukraine to design our logo.

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