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Holistic Nutrition

Your health is invaluable. We all know that we should eat healthily, but what to eat, when to eat, and which supplements to take and cleanses to do (if any?) can be confusing. Think keto, intermittent fasting, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, juice cleanses.... it never ends!

Whether you're trying to lose a few pounds, increase energy, improve digestion or solve a pesky symptom that won't go away, the truth is, the same approach won't work for everybody because every "body" is unique. There is no "one size fits all". 


So, how do you know what works for you? Working with a holistic nutritionist is the best place to start.

What does a Holistic Nutritionist do?

A Holistic Nutritionist works one-on-one to customize a diet and lifestyle plan (Personalized Holistic Nutrition Protocol) using the healing powers of nature;  food, herbs, natural supplementation and lifestyle. They are trained to understand your unique biochemistry to get to the root cause of your problems and treat the sources and not the symptoms. 

Using a combination of advanced assessment tools including the Advanced Nutri-body Analysis®, they assess the person as a whole to gain a clear picture of the person's emotional health, environment, daily eating habits, and lifestyle, all of which can contribute to underlying issues.


From here, they create a customized easy-to-follow Holisitic Nutrition Protocol tailored to your individualized wellness needs and coach you every step of the way. They will help you to understand which foods, vitamins, herbs, and health practices can give you the optimal health and longevity you desire.

What's included in my Personalized Holistic Nutrition Protocol?

1. In-depth Assessment (2-hour session with patient and Holistic Nutritionist)

An in-depth nutrition assessment to identify your unique nutritional biochemsitry to find the source of your problems and treat the source, not the symptom. The asessment includes:

*These tests are provided through Kulhay Wellness Centre and are an optional are part of this process, however are highly recommended. Tests are booked and paid directly with the clinic.


2. Personalized Holistic Nutrition Protocol

A completely customized nutrition and supplement protocol made just for what your body needs that details:

  • summary of Advanced Nutri-Body® Analysis results

  • Up to 3 Action Plan(s) to address identified issues

  • food recommendations - what to eat & what to avoid

  • dietary supplements - which vitamins/herbs to take, and when

  • lifestyle recommendations 

  • tools to learn about your body and how to feed it

  • exclusive private Digital Folder accessible only to the patient with all provided protocols, documents and resources

This includes 3-4 hours of independant research by the nutritionist to develop your protocol, + 2-hour session with patient and to review in full detail and aswer any questions.

3. On-going support

Your Holistic Nutritionist will coach you along the way as much or as little as you need. Typically, patients will have 5-10 check-in sessions anywhere from 2–4 week increments over 3-6 months to:

  • review patient progress for each Action Plan

  • adjust patient protocol to ensure it's providing optimal results 

  • learn skills to maintain your progress long-term

  • complimentary access to your Holistic Nutritionist by text or email throughout the protocol for support between sessions


Please note that all timelines are approximate and dependent on individual patients' needs and progress.

Who should see a Holistic Nutritionist?

​You should see a holistic nutritionist if you want to:

  • Lose body fat

  • Gain muscle

  • Enhance your work in the gym

  • Boost your energy levels

  • Boost your immune system

  • Decrease nagging symptoms

  • Do a detox or cleanse

  • Reduce your risk of disease

  • Try a new way of eating (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, etc.)

  • Avoid the frustration and high cost of struggling with endless diet books and “quick fixes”

  • Treat the underlying causes of your health conditions rather than the symptoms


A Holistic Nutrition Protocol can save you thousands of dollars, prevent serious diseases, and give you the health and vitality you desire.

What is the difference between a Holistic Nutritionist and a  Naturopath or Registered Dietician?

Naturopath: put simply, Nutritionists are great to see ALONGSIDE a naturopath because we can offer a more individualized experience. Compared to Naturopaths, Nutritionists can offer more help if you are trying to change your diet and lifestyle. They can offer more detailed answers to your questions along with ongoing email support, motivation for sticking with your protocol, and modifications to your program when necessary. 

Naturopaths are often too busy with other patients to provide this intensive level of care, but it's the perfect role for a nutritionist with the proper training. So, even if you're working with a Naturopath, you may want to consider working with a skilled nutritionist to get the support you need to change habits and follow through with protocols successfully.

Registered Dieticians: The main difference is that Dieticians are government regulated, therefore have to follow the Canada Food Guide. Although it was created with the best intentions for health, it is by no means an individualized plan. Holistic Nutritionists hold bio-individuality very highly. Each person is different, a diet may work for one person, but not for another. You may have noticed this with varying results from fad food diets.  It's also important to consider lobbying groups that sit on the board for the Canada Food Guide. Are their intentions biased towards the sales of dairy and wheat products, which are our country's main products? Lactose intolerance affects 7 million Canadians. If they don't eat dairy, their diet is considered unbalanced according to the Canada Food Guide. Just some food for thought. 

Are Holistic Nutritionists covered by insurance?

There are many insurance companies that recognize and cover Holistic Nutrition services. Here is a list of insurance companies that have covered services for previous clients: 

  • Manulife Financial

  • Ontario Teachers (Manulife)

  • Great West Life

  • Johnson Retired Teachers of Ontario

  • Blue Cross Insurance

  • Green Shield Canada

  • Industrial Alliance

  • Co-OperatorsInsurance

  • SunLife (ExtendedBenefits)

  • TD Canada (FlexBenefits)

Please review your policy and/or speak to a representative from your insurance company to see if you have coverage for:
• CNP (Certified Nutritional Practitioner)
• NNCP (Natural Nutrition - Clinical Practitioner)
• RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)


*Note: Our Holistic Nutritionist, Ashley, has the designation of CNP and NNCP, but if RHN is covered then she will be covered too.


You can contact your insurance company or your HR department to ask if these services can be added to Extended Benefits Plans. It’s easy! Email Ashley and ask for the Holistic Nutrition Insurance Coverage Request letter template outlining what she does as CNP and how she will work with you.

What is the Nutri-Body® analysis?

The Nutri-Body® Analysis is what our Holistic Nutritionist uses during your intake. It is the most reliable way to assess someone's unique biochemistry by analyzing over 600 bodily signs of nutritional imbalance.  This approach is often more reliable than laboratory tests for determining nutritional weaknesses, and it is very easy to use.

Your holistic nutritionist is trained to put the results into priority sequence, letting you know which items require immediate attention and which are items to keep an eye on.  For each category where there is a specific imbalance, your Nutritionist will make recommendations for improvement with diet and/or supplementation based on your unique biochemistry.  All of this information will be detailed in the easy-to-follow personalized nutritional protocol that will tell you which dietary recommendations and supplements are likely to be of most benefit based on your unique biochemistry.  ​

How long will I work with my Holistic Nutritionist?

Patients typically work with a Holistic Nutritionist for anywhere from 3-to 6 months, depending on their goals. The goal of your nutritionist is to help you achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time, and along the way, teach you about your body's unique nutritional needs so you can sustain your results for life. You know how the saying goes: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


Of course, our bodies will change with time, and what works for you now, may no longer work. Re-visiting a Holistic Nutritionist at certain life milestones like menopause, pregnancy, etc. is recommended to fine-tune your nutrition plan to meet your body's changing needs.

So, whether you’re healthy and just want to fine-tune a vitamin and mineral program, or need help with fatigue, chronic illness, or weight loss, we are here to help!


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