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Daly Villalvazo

Massage Practitioner


Daly is a certified massage practitioner specializing in relaxation massages. Daly brings a unique blend of skills, passion, and energy to our clinic, making her a valuable addition to our team.

Certified Expertise

Daly's journey into the world of wellness began at the National Institute of Hairstyling & Advanced Aesthetics, where she obtained certifications in Body Massage and Advanced Spa Therapy. Her commitment to mastering the art of massage is evident in her dedication to continuous learning and honing her craft.

A Belief in Self-Care and Gratitude

Daly firmly believes in the importance of self-care and gratitude for our bodies. She understands that in our fast-paced world, taking time for oneself can often be overlooked. Daly's mission is to help people escape from the relentless busyness of everyday life, allowing their minds to unwind and reconnect with their true selves.

A Beacon of Positive Energy

One of Daly's most remarkable qualities is her infectious energy. Her vibrant spirit and enthusiasm for her work shine through in every massage session. Daly's goal is not only to provide a relaxing experience but also to uplift and brighten the day of each client she serves.

From Mexico to Erin

Originally hailing from Mexico, Daly's journey led her to Canada in 2019. She fell in love with Erin and decided to make it her home. Her Mexican roots have infused her practice with a rich cultural perspective, which she incorporates into her massages. Daly's passion for healing others through touch began in her homeland, where she would frequently offer massages to friends and family out of pure love and compassion.

A Heart for Seniors and Children

Daly's generous spirit extends beyond the treatment room. She has a special place in her heart for seniors and has volunteered in a seniors home, where she shared her warmth and brought happiness to the elderly residents. Her caring nature and ability to connect with people of all ages make her a cherished member of our community.

In addition to her dedication to seniors, Daly also has a deep affection for children. With experience as an au pair, she has a unique ability to inspire and guide children as they explore the world around them. Daly finds immense joy in helping young minds grow, fostering curiosity, and encouraging children to discover the beauty and wonder in life.

A Multifaceted Background

Daly's multifaceted background includes certification as a Spanish Instructor in Spain, allowing her to share her love for the language and culture with others. Her passion for teaching extends to her involvement in a Latin Rhythms group, where she combines her enthusiasm for music, dance, and culture, creating a vibrant and enriching experience for those around her.

At Kulhay Wellness Centre & Vitamin Shop, we are excited to have Daly Villalvazo as part of our team, helping us bring relaxation and rejuvenation to our valued clients. We invite you to experience her incredible energy and skilled touch as she helps you embark on a journey of self-care, relaxation, and gratitude for your body. Daly's presence is a true gift to our wellness community, and we look forward to having you meet her soon.

Schedule your relaxation massage with Daly today and let her infectious energy and expertise guide you to a state of blissful tranquility.

Symptoms & Conditions that would benefit

  • Muscle Tension: Relaxation massages, with or without hot stones, can help alleviate muscle stiffness and promote relaxation.

  • Stress and Anxiety: The soothing experience of relaxation massages can provide a sense of calm and relaxation, potentially reducing stress and anxiety levels.

  • Chronic Discomfort: Clients may find relaxation massages to be a soothing and comforting experience.

  • Circulation Support: Relaxation massages, including hot stone sessions, may promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

  • Quality Sleep: Improved relaxation often leads to a better sense of relaxation and ease, potentially contributing to improved sleep quality.

  • General Well-Being: Many clients find relaxation massages enhance their overall sense of wellness and mood, offering a tranquil escape from the stresses of daily life.


Please note that massage practitioners cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions, and are not eligible for health benefit plans. If you have health benefits or medical concerns. please book Massage Therapy with a one of our amazing Registered Massage Therapists.

Services Offered

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