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Booking Policy

At Kulhay Wellness Centre & Vitamin Shop, we are dedicated to providing you with a secure and hassle-free experience during your wellness journey.

What is the Booking Policy?

Our Booking Policy mandates that all patients provide valid credit card information during appointment scheduling. Rest assured, we will continue accepting payments at the front desk, just as you're used to. The credit card on file is used to hold your appointment and will only be charged through our online payment system for treatments taking place online, appointments involving dependents without a payment method, and to uphold our cancellation policy.

Why We Have This Policy

  • Effortless Online Payments: Our patients accessing online services no longer need to hassle with e-transfers; they can conveniently pay for their services online.

  • Enhanced Patient Security: Partnering with a secure third-party payment processing provider prioritizes the security of your payment information.

  • Dependent Payments: Keeping a credit card on file simplifies payments for dependents, making it even easier to manage your family members' accounts.

  • Reservation Assurance: We value your time. By holding a credit card on file, we secure your appointment and efficiently allocate necessary resources for your visit. This helps us reduce wait times for you and others.

  • Reduced No-Shows & Last-Minute Cancellations: This policy also aids in reducing no-shows and last-minute cancellations, allowing us to accommodate patients from our waitlist sooner and optimize our scheduling.

  • Future Convenience: As part of our commitment to your comfort, this policy sets the groundwork for exploring direct billing options, providing you with even more payment choices in the future.

How It Works

Pay at the Clinic for... appointments and purchases taking place at the clinic. These will still be settled at our front desk's payment terminal, maintaining the convenience you're accustomed to. We continue to accept cash, debit, and credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD) and continue to cover transaction fees for your ease.

Pay Online for... for treatments conducted online, appointments involving dependents (in-person or online) where a payment method is unavailable, and charges related to our cancellation policy. These charges will be applied to the card on file including service fees.

Service Fees & Usage of Stored Cards

Credit cards stored on file will only be charged with applicable services fees, as follows:

  • 1.15% for online treatment sessions 

  • 1.15% independents without a payment method

  • 1.15% for any other online payment use outside of our cancellation policy.

  • 2.4% a no-show or late cancellation in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Collecting Your Credit Card Information

For both new and existing patients, we will collect your credit card details when booking your next appointment, whether done online, by phone, or in person.

Booking Online: When scheduling appointments online, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information.

Booking by Phone or In-Person: Our dedicated administrative team will politely request your credit card details when booking appointments over the phone or during your visit to the clinic.

Data Security & Your Peace of Mind

We understand that entrusting us with your credit card information requires a high level of trust and assurance. We want to reassure you that your privacy and data security are our utmost priority.

Partnership with Stripe

To ensure the highest level of data security, our booking system Jane has partnered with Stripe, a globally recognized payment processing provider. Stripe is renowned for its stringent security measures and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, ensuring that your credit card information is stored securely.

Tokenization for Enhanced Security

When you provide your credit card information, Jane, our trusted platform, generates a unique token. This token replaces sensitive data and is stored securely within Stripe's PCI-compliant systems, providing an extra layer of protection for your information. This means that even the staff at the clinic cannot see your credit card number.

Clinic Responsibility & Support

While we have taken steps to ensure data security, maintaining PCI compliance is a shared responsibility. We encourage our clinic, staff, and patients to uphold the highest data protection standards. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at Our dedicated team is here to support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will my credit card information be stored securely?
A: We take your data security seriously. Your credit card information will be stored using advanced encryption technology within our secure partner, Stripe. This ensures that your information remains protected. Learn more

Q: What happens if I don't have a credit card?

A: Please contact the clinic manager at

Q: Can I trust that my credit card details won't be misused or charged without my consent?

A: We assure you that your credit card details will only be used for authorized transactions related to your appointments or online treatment sessions. We adhere to strict privacy policies and comply with industry standards to protect your information.

Q: What if I want to update or change my credit card information?

A: You can easily update your credit card information through your Jane My Account or by calling us at the clinic at 519.833.0031. We are here to assist you with any changes you need to make. Learn how

Q: How will I know if my credit card information is safe during online transactions?

A: Our online transactions are handled through a secure and PCI-compliant platform. You'll notice the "https" in the URL and a lock icon in your browser's address bar, indicating that the connection is encrypted and secure.

Q: What happens if I need to dispute a charge or believe there's an error?

A: If you believe there's an error or need to dispute a charge, please reach out to our admin team immediately at We will work with you to resolve any issues promptly and transparently.

Q: Is my credit card information shared with any third parties?

A: Your credit card information is never shared with third parties. It's stored securely within our PCI-compliant partner, Stripe, and is only used for authorized transactions at Kulhay Wellness Centre & Vitamin Shop.

Q: Can I use the credit card on file for in-person appointments for dependents?

A: Yes, you can! If you have a credit card on file, it can be used for payments related to in-person appointments for dependents. Service fees apply.

Q: Can I use the credit card on file for my own in-person appointments?

A: Yes, you can, but you will be charged a service fee.

Q: Why is there a service fee for online payments?

A: We understand the importance of convenience and accessibility, which is why we've introduced online booking, online treatments and now online payments for our patients. However, processing online payments incurs higher transaction costs compared to in-person payments at our clinic. The service fee applied to online payments helps us cover these additional expenses, ensuring a seamless and secure online payment experience that aligns with our commitment to quality care.

We'd like to clarify that for in-person payments at our front desk terminal, we have always and will continue to happily cover any associated terminal fees. The 1.15% service fee for online payments covers the difference between the front desk terminal and online payment fees we incur. This way, we ensure fair coverage for both our in-person and online patients. Online patients and family's with dependents contribute a nominal fee for the convenience of utilizing our online services.

It's important to note that the service fee also plays a role in supporting our policies on missed appointments and late cancellations. We value your time and the availability of our services, which is why we implement these policies to minimize disruptions and accommodate as many patients as possible. The 2.4% fee contributes to this effort by addressing the administrative and resource-related challenges that arise from missed appointments and last-minute cancellations, and is in line with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada's guidelines for surcharges.

Q: What if I don't want to pay the service fee?

For patients who prefer not to pay the service fee, we welcome you to choose in-person appointments and provide payment at our front desk terminal. Your comfort and preferences are paramount to us, and we're dedicated to ensuring a variety of options that suit your needs.

Q: How does this policy benefit me as a patient?

A: The Booking Policy offers you the following benefits:

  • Securely reserve your appointment time, ensuring your spot is held for you.

  • Simplify payments for your family members by keeping a credit card on file.

  • Explore the possibility of future direct billing services for even more convenience.

Thank you for choosing Kulhay Wellness Centre. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience while safeguarding your privacy and data security. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We look forward to serving you with excellence and care.

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