Dr. Katrina M. Kulhay, B.Sc. (Hon.), B.Ed., D.C., N.C.
Nutritionist, Acupuncture Provider, Doctor of Chiropractic, 
Motivational Speaker, Anti-Aging Wellness Expert

Director/Founder of the Kulhay Wellness Clinic & Educational Centre
















(1) Dr. Kulhay as a CHIROPRACTIC

  • 33+ years of experience

  • Thousands of patients

  • 2002 Voted Independent Canadian Chiropractor of the Year by Canadian Chiropractic Magazine

  • Chiropractors are experts in: Muscle / Bone / Nerve Problems

  • Chiropractors treat: MVA (motor vehicle accidents), falls, spills, sprains, strains, fractures

  • Treatment options: adjustments, acupuncture, ultrasound, T.E.N.S., laser, orthotics & custom-made shoes


(2) Dr. Kulhay as a NUTRITIONIST

“You Can’t Build a House on a Pile of Garbage!”

  • We can recommend: Vitamins, Cleanse & Detox Products, Infrared Sauna, Ion Foot Bath, Diets, Exercise, Water & More

  • Other tests to consider: Live Cell Blood Analysis, Allergy Food Environmental Testing, Hair Analysis, Thyroid Tests & more

  • Identify the “BAD GUYS”: fungus, bacteria, parasites, virus mycotoxins

  • FIRST: Detox —> SECOND: Rebuild Cells —> THIRD: is the RESULT = Glowing Health!


(3) Dr. Kulhay as an ANTI-AGING (Healthy Aging)EXPERT

  • Dr. Kulhay teaches Canadian & Worldwide Seminars

  • Non-Surgical Face Lifting Seminars

  • She uses needles, magnets, etc.

  • Facial Peels (10%, 20%, 30%)

  • Masks (Collagen, Enzyme Therapy,

  • Japanese Organic Green Tea), Serum Lifts

  • Magnetic Facial Rejuvenation



  •  Acupuncture provider
    (e.g. tennis elbow, knee inflammation, back pain, headaches, female hormonal problems)

  • Facial Acupuncture provider
    (e.g. face lifting, wrinkle reduction, reducing dark skins, lifting sagging skin)


  • Custom-Made Orthotics & Custom-Fitted Orthopedic Shoes

  • Chiropractic Consultant for Metro Toronto Police Officers & Their Families

(6) Dr. Kulhay as a TEACHER

  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

  • Education is the KEY!

  • Educate YOURSELF so you can tell others

  • “PASS IT ON” so others know about your experience at the Kulhay Wellness Centre.


Dr. Katrina Kulhay’s professional accomplishments range from Nutritionist, Acupuncture Provider, Science Teacher, Award-Winning Chiropractor, Anti-Aging Expert and T.V./ Radio Health Educator.


Dr. Kulhay graduated from the University of Toronto with her an Honours in Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education. For the past 25 years, long before it was “in vogue”, she has been a leading advocate of the combined medical & alternative approach.


Dr. Kulhay, as an astute business woman, has made it possible for over 30 health professionals to succeed in their particular areas of expertise within the Kulhay Wellness Clinic & Educational Centre.


Since 1983, The Kulhay Clinic has grown and is now Canada’s largest #1 Alternative & Medical Integrative Facility. A second satellite Kulhay “Country Clinic” was opened in 2002 in the town of Erin, Ontario, in the Caledon Hills near Dr. Kulhay’s home town.


Together with her many accomplishments, Dr. Kulhay still creates time to care, treat, and educate as her way of giving back to the community. Dr. Kulhay’s upbeat personality and powerful positive message to the public has resulted in the media featuring her regularly on national television calling her their “Health and Wellness Expert”.


She was a frequent health expert on CBC (Midday) for years. For 7 years, she was known as the “Alternative Doctor” on City – Line T.V. with Marilyn Denis and for 2 years was the regular wellness expert on Canadian Living Television with Sharol Josepheson.


In 2002, she was the 1st Host of Wellness Television , a national television show on Prime T.V. and CH/CH. As a Chiropractic Consultant for the Toronto Police, she regularly lectured “ Metro’s Finest ”on nutrition, proper foot care (orthotics), health and wellness.


In 2001/2002 she accepted a position with Bally Total Fitness Clubs as their North American Foot / Orthotic Consultant.


Dr. Kulhay also especially enjoys pre- & post- natal care and is well – known nationally and in the health community for her pregnancy and nutrition practice.


She travels nationally & internationally offering lectures for certification on her passion of Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation Facial Acupuncture Non – Surgical Face Lifting and Cleansing Detoxification.


In 1996 and 1999, Dr. Kulhay was nominated for Woman of the Year by the Toronto Sun and since that time has been featured in the national publication Who’s Who of Canadian Women.


In 2000 she was awarded the first time prestigious Golden Apple Award from the Canadian Health Food Association for her work promoting combined alternative and medical health and wellness to the Canadian public.


In 2002, Dr. Kulhay was honoured by her chiropractic peers across the country and The Canadian Chiropractor Magazine as the 2002 Independent Chiropractor of the Year.


In 2004, Dr. Kulhay was given her own 1 hour radio show on 1050 CHUM called “Healthy Second Opinion with Dr. Katrina Kulhay”. It aired Sunday mornings and featured health practitioners, healthy products and new health information.


Her vision for optimal health care has always been for more public awareness of the “Total Wellness Philosophy” treating the body, mind & spirit, combining both medical and alternative therapies for excellent patient care.

In this regard, she especially enjoys corporate public speaking and is a frequently sought – after speaker. With her bubbly, enthusiastic personality, she’s a tireless go – getter and an inspiration to all who meet her!


For any questions or corporate speaking engagements, Dr. Kulhay can be reached at drkulhay@kulhaywellness.net or 1-866-909-9955.


“Dr. Kulhay is a true pioneer in Canadian Health & sets the Standard for the Ideal Wholistic Doctor of the Future”.  -?


  • Wednesday & Friday