Facial Inhalation Therapy (F.I.T.)




F.I.T. (Facial Inhalation Therapy) is a trade marked procedure formulated by Dr. Katrina Kulhay based on:

  • Dr. Kulhay’s extensive 23 yrs. of clinical nutritional experience

  • Scientific accredited research

  • HEEL Canada inhalation products

  • The sound principles of Homotoxicology & Homeopathy


The 3 part winning combination of FACIAL INHALATION THERAPY™ benefits are:

  • Improved facial & skin colour

  • Accelerated skin tissue repair locally & systemically

  • Increased overall energy … with proven scientific results!


Dr. Katrina Kulhay, the inventor of F.I.T., will show you on how inhalation of specific skin regenerating nutrients can help develop new skin, faster, better, and with a new youthful GLOW!


F.I.T. Is Used In The Treatment Of:

  • Arthritis

  • Anti-aging

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Depression

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Gastro-intestinal & bowel concerns

  • Headaches

  • Immune boosting for colds & flu

  • Respiratory conditions (e.g. allergies, asthma, bronchitis & hay fever)

  • Sports injuries

  • And much more!



  • 1 to 3 times per week

  • Usually takes 5 to 15 minutes depending on the number of ampoules used

  • Patients should breathe normally with deep breaths occasionally—don’t hyperventilate!




  • Is ideal for any person attempting to improve their overall health

  • It can be a stand-alone therapy or used in conjunction with other therapies

  • For anti-aging, it is ideally used in conjunction with Facial Rejuvenation Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments

  • It is an excellent method to regenerate and renew skin tissue internally & externally

  • Patients will GLOW with the results!


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