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Blond Wavy Hair


Hair Analysis


Mineral and Metal Tissue Analysis (MMTA) is a scientifically accurate, bio-analytical screening tool and preventative measure that provides educational insight into the way your body works. Hair is much like a mirror or measure of the body and because it is actual body tissue, it provides a memory of the content of all body tissues. Reflecting not only your mineral and heavy metal levels, but your actual nutritional balance and pre-existing patterns towards illness.


Your MMTA will analyze over 20 essential minerals and heavy metals, from a small hair sample. If a mineral deficiency or excess is reflected in your hair, it is an indicator of the mineral deficiency or excess in the biological terrain (cellular level) of your body. This will be revealed in the mineral and metal levels, ratios and nutritional information provided in your personalized MMTA report.


Your MMTA report also reflects minerals that are bio-unavailable (minerals your body can not use efficiently, for a variety of reasons). You may be surprised to learn that most of us are taking too many of the wrong kind of vitamins and supplements, the wrong way. If heavy metal toxicity is determined through your MMTA report, no matter how many super nutrients you take, the body may not be able to absorb and assimilate them in the proper way.


Wouldn’t it make more sense, be healthier and more cost effective to really know which minerals and vitamins to target and why, how often they should be taken, what precautions are necessary, what forms (liquid, powder, capsule or solid) are best suited for your specific wellness needs.


Because MMTA can provide you with that early insight, a kind of window into your body, your bio-chemical constitution and rate of metabolic activity can be properly assessed. An individualized nutritional programme, with health professional support can be designed for you, before the early symptoms of dysfunction become permanent liabilities.

  • Collect 2 tablespoons of hair sample

  • Tests minerals & vitamins

  • Comprehensive Report

  • 30 page booklet received one month later

  • Eliminates the guesswork on which supplements to take

  • Cost $125

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