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Blond Wavy Hair

Mineral and Metal Tissue Analysis

Comprehensive Hair Analysis for Nutritional Balance

MMTA provides an in-depth look into your body's mineral and heavy metal status through a simple hair sample test. It's a scientifically validated method offering insights into over 20 essential minerals and metals, reflecting your body's nutritional balance and susceptibility to illness.

Your Guide to Optimal Supplement Intake

The MMTA test identifies not only mineral deficiencies and excesses but also bio-unavailable minerals - those your body can't use efficiently. This information is crucial in customizing your vitamin and mineral supplementation, ensuring you take what your body truly needs.

Detailed Reporting for Informed Health Decisions

You'll receive a comprehensive 30-page report one month after submitting your hair sample. This report details your mineral and metal levels, ratios, and provides nutritional information tailored to your unique biological makeup.

Early Detection for Preventative Care

MMTA serves as a preventative measure, offering a window into your body's biochemical constitution and metabolic rate. This early insight helps in addressing potential health issues before they become significant.

Service Details

  • Sample Requirement: 2 tablespoons of hair

  • Report: Comprehensive 30-page booklet

  • Turnaround Time: One month

  • Price: $125

Expertise and Support

Administered by Dr. Katrina Kulhay, this service ensures professional guidance in interpreting your results and implementing an effective, personalized nutrition plan.

Contact us at Kulhay Wellness Centre & Vitamin Shop to schedule your MMTA test and embark on a journey towards informed health and wellness.

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