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Elide Roberti

Administrative Assistant















Elide plays a crucial role as the compassionate administrative assistant committed to your well-being. As a proud mother of two, Elide brings a personal touch to her role, fueled by her own health journey that led her to embrace holistic and alternative medicine.


Elide is not just an administrative professional but your dedicated partner in holistic wellness. As a devoted mother, she understands the importance of health on a personal level. Elide's journey to holistic living began with her own health challenges, driving her to explore the transformative benefits of chiropractic care and holistic nutrition.

During her tenure at another chiropractic clinic, Elide seamlessly managed appointments, ensuring a smooth and welcoming experience for patients. Her organizational skills and warm demeanor create an environment where your wellness is the top priority.

With a strong foundation in customer service, organizational prowess, and a personal understanding of holistic healing, Elide Roberti is not just an administrative assistant but a partner in your wellness journey.

Join us at Kulhay Wellness Centre & Vitamin Shop and experience the caring support of Elide Roberti, your ally in achieving holistic health. Together, let's navigate the path to wellness with someone who not only understands but genuinely cares about your journey.

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