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Nadiia Depoutat

Registered Massage Therapist
(currently on personal leave)















Meet Nadia, known as Kulhay Wellness Centre's "Ukrainian princess", she offers massage therapy fit for royalty! Nadia's massage technique involves an extremely unique combination of therapeutics such as cupping, hot stones, magnetic acupuncture ball (to activate the nerves), stroking, and effleurage - all in one massage session. Not to mention, Nadia is known to have the softest massage table in town. You won't want to leave the table.


Nadia received her RMT designation from Wellspring College and has over a decade of experience. She also holds a BA from York University in Physical and Health Certification and is a physical education teacher.


Please note that Nadiia is not covered by Manulife insurance providers.


​See Nadiia's schedule and book online here.

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