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Space Available - Treatment Room 4

Unlock the potential of your wellness business and elevate it to new heights!


Our main treatment room is designed to provide a comfortable and inviting space for various therapeutic practices. With four shared beds, this room offers ample flexibility and convenience for practitioners looking to offer their healing services in a welcoming environment. Whether you're an experienced therapist or a wellness practitioner, Treatment Room #4 is the perfect space for you to provide exceptional care to your clients.

Key Features of Treatment Room #4

  • Shared Beds: With four beds available, you have the opportunity to cater to multiple clients simultaneously, maximizing your efficiency and productivity.

  • Comfortable Setting: We have created a serene and calming ambiance in Treatment Room #4, ensuring that your clients feel at ease during their sessions.

  • Well-Equipped: Each bed is equipped with essential amenities to support your practice, including clean linens, cozy blankets, and comfortable pillows.

  • Flexibility: The shared bed setup allows for flexible scheduling, enabling you to accommodate different appointment durations and optimize your time with clients.

  • Collaborative Environment: Being in the main treatment room means you have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other wellness professionals at Kulhay Wellness Centre, fostering a supportive and enriching work environment.

  • Professional Image: Treatment Room #4 reflects the professionalism and dedication we uphold at Kulhay Wellness Centre, ensuring that your clients feel confident in the quality of care they receive.

Whether you specialize in massage therapy, acupuncture, energy healing, or any other modality, Treatment Room #4 provides the ideal space to deliver your services with excellence. Join our vibrant community of wellness practitioners and elevate your practice to new heights.

Contact us today to inquire about availability and take the next step in advancing your career at Kulhay Wellness Centre. Together, let's create a healing space where your clients can experience true transformation and well-being

Kulhay Wellness Centre Offers flexibility & independence for practitioners.


If you're looking for job growth, a flexible schedule, an open-minded work environment & a high level of professional satisfaction. This is your chance! 


For those interested in leasing this space, please contact and provide your resume alongside a cover letter to

Thank you and we hope you can join our Kulhay Wellness Centre family!

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