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Foot Care

Discover the expertise of Advanced Foot Care Nurses


An Advanced Foot Care Nurse isn't just any healthcare provider. They dive deep into the specifics of foot skin, nail conditions, diabetic foot concerns, and wound care. With rigorous training beyond their basic nursing license, our nurses are the gold standard when it comes to understanding and managing intricate foot and toenail needs.

Why choose us over a spa pedicure?

While spa pedicures focus on aesthetics and relaxation, our services are rooted in health. Addressing underlying health issues, our approach is comprehensive, ensuring both wellness and beauty.

Who would benefit from foot care?

  • Diabetics: Regular foot care can prevent complications from diabetic neuropathy.

  • Athletes: Constant pressure on feet can lead to various ailments that need professional attention.

  • Seniors: Age can bring a range of foot issues that require specialized care.

  • Individuals with Foot Discomfort: From recurring pain to visible conditions, anyone with foot concerns will find relief through our services.

  • Those Seeking Preventative Care: Before issues arise, maintain foot health with regular check-ups.

Spotlight on Common Foot Concerns

  • Corns & Calluses: Signs of repeated friction, often leading to discomfort.

  • Athlete's Foot: A fungal infection causing itchiness and discomfort.

  • Thick Nail Fungus: Ignoring these can lead to painful toenails. Immediate attention ensures effective treatment.

*Note on Plantar Wart Treatment: While our Advanced Foot Care Nurse, Amy, has the expertise to assess and debride (remove overlying callus) from plantar warts, it's important to note that nurses are not permitted to apply medicated treatments for warts. If you come in with a wart concern, Amy can expertly advise you on the best treatment options and next steps, ensuring your foot health remains in focus.

Your first visit: what to expect

  • A tailored consent form explanation.

  • A detailed history check, including underlying health conditions and medication.

  • A meticulous foot examination noting structure, health, and circulation.

  • An evaluation of your footwear for optimal safety.

  • Continuous client engagement, discussing prevention, health enhancement, and available community services.

Our diverse services encompass:

  • In-depth foot assessment.

  • Diabetic foot care.

  • Nail care including trimming, filing, and fungus reduction.

  • Treatment for ingrown nails, corns, calluses and athlete's foot.

  • Soothing foot baths, rubs, and massages to boost circulation.

  • Personalized foot care education and planning.

Our nurses may suggest doctor visits for identified issues, ensuring your health and safety always come first. Ideally, clients with medical conditions should see us every 4-6 weeks, while others can visit every 6-8 weeks for maintaining foot health.

Housecall Services and Accessibility

Please note that our Advanced Foot Care Nurse, Amy, does not offer housecall services. All treatments and consultations are conducted exclusively at the Kulhay Wellness Centre & Vitamin Shop.


However, we understand the importance of accessibility for all our patients. Our clinic is equipped with an accessible ramp, and we can accommodate treatments on the main floor for those who require it. While we can accommodate walkers, please be advised that we may not have the space for larger wheelchairs inside the building.


If you require an accessible treatment, kindly notify the front desk in advance or make a note of it when booking your appointment online. We appreciate your understanding and are committed to ensuring your comfort and accessibility during your visit.

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